Monday, November 2, 2015

The Teachings

The Teachings, on the hierarchy men and angels, tells us there is a structure through which planetary enlightenment and mankind’s progress operates. The various manifestations, of the One Work are often thought by their adherents, to be the only manner in which this work is to be done. That is not so.The seeming segmentation of the spiritual hierarchy is to allow us, here on this plane, to better understand the workings of spirit. We are aware only of the separate parts we encounter. They are not separate, merely functioning differently.

Therefore, the humans, who are experiencing any one of the manifestations of this hierarchical structure, are also a part of that structure. Among seekers after righteousness, there is a school of thought, which is very verbal is its claims to be working with the “masters”. Sometimes when I hear these claims, they sound a lot like spiritual name dropping. Yet another area in which the ego can subtly lead us astray.There are those who work with “angels” and others who know “spirit”.
We are in the same game. Some of us are more conscious of the working of the One Mind than others. None is so special as to be given preference over others. It is much the same a building a house. To construct a house several crafts must work together to finish the project. There are plumbers, carpenters, electrician, tillers, roofers, interior finishers, painters, and if the house is to appear wonderful at first sight, there are also landscapers. All these craft people are specialist in their own right, but must work in concert with one another in order to construct the perfect house. So it is with the work of planetary enlightenment and upliftment. There is one One Source and One Being doing One Work. We are all a part of that Great Being.

There are some among us with a wider consciousness than others. These more enlightened beings are more aware of how the plan and program, of Mighty Force some call God, are being carried out. They are working side by side with those of us with a more constricted consciousness. This does not mean we are separate. The wider the consciousness, the more awareness there is of the connections binding us all together as one cohesive whole, the great being we call Humanity.

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