Thursday, December 17, 2015


Been thinking about connections lately. Thinking about how we are connected in so many ways. Speaking with a friend who lives across country and the thought of our connectedness came up. She was speaking with a client and another person entered the room of the client, this person announced she was on her way to a certain address. My friend said I used to have a doctor who had the same address but it was in another state. Sure enough, the newcomer and my friend were speaking of the same place.

Every wonder how you may casually run into someone and the conversation turned into one of did you ever ate this, seen this movie, read this book, or shop at a store, and you both have? How is that possible that the connections we have seem so trivial yet cover the expanse of our daily living? Should we stop and ponder why we have the small connections and not notice the greater connection that makes us human.

I ponder this and know that there are no casual encounters, not chance meetings, no accidents; we are meant to meet, meant to interact and meant to love. It is the loving part we are not acknowledging. But sharing even the mundane experiences in life is the loving one another we are here to do. 

Today I honor every encounter as an act of love.