Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dressing For The Occasion

We are experiencing the breath of change on our collective faces and are quite unsure how to respond. Some, the more fearful among us, hide out in religion and claim for themselves exclusive rights to a place where milk and honey flow in uninterrupted steams. Others seek to surround themselves with as much noise as possible; hoping thereby to drown the voice for peace they hear deep within themselves. Those, falling into this group, have deemed it necessary to surround everyone in their noise and place booming speakers in their cars. Thus one hears and feels the vibration of their denial at traffic lights. 

There are others who believe in committing atrocious acts of violence in order to still what they feel to be self annihilation and extinction. There are as many ways to hide from the impending change as there are people. None of this hiding will hinder the change. Change is the only constant in the Universe. The precious gift, in the hands of change, is expansion and knowledge of the One Self. Somehow we have taken this to mean that we will be no more. The unnecessary struggle, to maintain who we are, caused all the fuss that is occurring today.

I am here to testify that change is wonderful, brings peace, and is worthy of being be sought. For quite some time now I have acknowledged myself to be an agent of change, and that is a wonderful task. The truth is that we are all agents of change; as in every interaction we cause change; first in ourselves and then in those around us. The resistance comes when we see change as bringing pain. We think we are being wrenched from our comfort zones by an unforgiv­ing fate, who knows nothing about our circumstances. There is no such thing as a fate outside of us. We, ourselves, decide our fate; then proceed to act out our decisions; all the while avoiding responsibility for the decisions and the acts.

The quantum change, we are collectively resisting, is here because we requested that it to come. We are aware, on levels of our beings we refuse to acknowledge, that the game in which we have been engaged for eons is getting tiresome, boring and has far passed its moment of usefulness. Thus we do not wish to cling to the outworn any longer. The great beings, that we are, requested of the Great Creator the change that is here. Now we want to play possum and pretend that it is being thrust upon us. 

When we begin to own that we are more than we pretend to be; we also own that the change that seem so catastrophic is here at our request. We need to dress for the occasion in the garments of light we have been hiding inside of ourselves for so long. Won't it be wonderful, when we step out of the shadow of our perceived selves into our true beings and find ourselves and all around us to be light beings? Though we have been vibrating at a level well below our divinity; we are truly Divine and we want to manifest that as our living reality here and now.

Shine all of your light!