Thursday, December 24, 2015

It Is Christmas

Truly Holy Night.

 I am home after the Christmas Eve service at UNA. The evening was filled with stories demonstrating the meaning of the celebration we call Christmas. They told of lives transformed by the recognition of the Divinity within the individual including Mary the Mother of Jesus. It was truly uplifting. I felt solemn and uplifted at the same time. I am grateful for having attended.

The day much awaited is here, and we for a moment remember that we are beings born to give and receive love. When I first came to America I lived in New York City. From January second until the week of Christmas the natives ignored you as you go about the city. Then that week everyone you passed in the streets would wish you Merry Christmas. What happened? How did the normally taciturn passersby turn into loving neighbors? That always puzzled me. Now I think I understand a bit of why Christmas time calls forth cheer in most folks.

The energy of love was awakened by the advent of Jesus who was the avatar of the age we are entering. The avatars always come the age before the one they represent. So whether or not we ascribe to all the dogma surrounding Jesus of Nazareth, the energy of love, peace on earth and good will toward human kind stirs and is remembered most around the time we celebrate him.

I am grateful Jesus came and sparked that most glorious of energies.