Monday, December 28, 2015


The story popped up in my mind, as I was thinking about today's post. It was the Barcelona Olympics and I was watching. I watch as much of the Olympics as I can. 2016 is an Olympic year and I can hardly wait. I cry often and fancy myself as an Olympian. That day I saw the runner pull up with a hamstring injury, I sniffled, but was more interested in who won the race. Then a man barreled his way unto the field and hugged the injured runner and aided him to the finish line; where he released him a foot or so away so the young runner could finish his race. I openly wept.

What brought the image into my mind, I do not know. I watched several versions on the YouTube, before settling on the one below. Naturally I cried. That is called poignancy. The story holds so much about the Human Spirit. but the first day and today, I saw love. A father's love for his son, a son's love for his sport, and the love showed by the audience as all recognized our common Humanity.

I am in Love.