Saturday, December 26, 2015


Yesterday I watched the film Phenomenon with John Travolta.
I had forgotten how much of The Teachings I follow that film contained. As I watched the unfolding saga of a person being transformed by knowledge, and the response to that transformation had on others, I had to smile sensing truth being told. Two quotes from the film caught my attention, so much so, I wrote them down. Today I use them as fodder for my musings.

“I’m awake and everyone else is asleep.” The main character uttered those words. Sometimes it seems as though I hear a complete different drummer from those around me and at those times I have experienced a modicum of that statement.

“Doc” played by Robert Duval, said the following in the bar when everyone there was making fun of George the main character played by Travolta. “You have to tear him down, so you can prove the world is flat, and you can sleep better at night.” Now where have we observed that? In today’s parlance it is called bullying; berating someone to make the self feel better.

I am grateful that the message of acceptance is in some of our films.