Thursday, December 3, 2015


Like most humans, my concept of power has been power over  others. That is not power but manipulation. Those who exercise power over others are in agreement with those others. That I know from The Teachings. No other being is ever accorded the right to usurp the privileges of another. But on the surface, there appear to be humans who are wielding great power over the lives of other humans. Often wielding such power creates great chaos within the lives of those who feel dis-empowered. It is all done by agreement. It does not matter how it looks from the point of view of the outside observer, there is always another choice. 

We, however, are deathly afraid of choosing, perchance we might make a mistake in our choice and the "wrong" situation as a result. What we are failing to own is that not making a choice is making a choice to remain within the confines of whatever prison we have built for ourselves. Ah, but sometimes the only choice that appears to be available is death. Maybe so, but we must always remember that only bodies die; the eternal soul living within the body is always safe and growing. 

Because I have embraced our collective fear of power, I have gone about life denying the power inherent in me. The power I am in the process of claiming was celebrated last night in my dreams, and has given me internal confirmation and the external validation that the path I am taking to love is the perfect one for me. There have been gross mistakes in the past, and before I completely remember myself, there probably will be some more, but that will not hinder me from taking and using the power endowed within me by my Creator God. This is not power over anyone else, but a great and mighty force to change my life by changing my mind concerning everything that I have accepted to this point. 

Naturally there will be aspects of what I have accepted as truth, and have been using to live my moments, that will continue to serve me for a long time. But I now own that there are some truths that will be discarded in the light of the higher concepts revealed from the living Presence of the Christ within me. These changing concepts may come in my dreams, meditations, books, the lips of others or I may just let them go without a conscious decision that I have done so. This has been true in the past, as premises have been left behind and whole new paradigms embraced without any conscious decision on my part.

I begin anew today and every day.