Friday, December 18, 2015

Urban Mystics

I am in the process of editing the book, A Second Slice, to be published next year. I am doing the portion in which I speak about mystics and exactly who is a mystic. As I read the words I wrote years ago on the subject, it occurred to me that this time in our human history calls for mystics to show their faces. There are many mystics who are hiding their light by not speaking the truth every day. I am determined to speak the truth as I understand it. That truth may change the minute after it is spoken, but speaking it puts it out in the mass consciousness where light is sorely needed.

Thus I am convinced that what we see in the world today, with mass migration, killings, pain and general injustice followed by much protest is but a sign of where we are going. How can I say that when I often proclaim that we are on our way to the Grand Transformation? Easy! Before we can heal the wounds we caused in our sleep of ignorance; we first have to see the wound. Those who are choosing to do ‘evil’ deeds are calling us to see our collective wounding of the earth and her peoples. Once we see these wounds we can then bring the healing light of love to bear, thus healing those wounds.

Once the wounds are healed, we are able to change the themes we have pursued for so long by applying compassion and love to every situation. The paradigms of hate, envy, intolerance, dog eat dog, the survival of the fittest, and all the other underpinnings of violence and turmoil, must be changed. Love can be the noble model we bring to bear on our interactions. The opinions we hold today about why things are must be examined in the light of love and allowed to be changed by that examination.

This is the mysticism we need now.