Thursday, January 28, 2016


My spiritual teachers for the past couple of days have come from the world of tournament tennis. Yes there are great gurus in almost every endeavor these days and they have something to share with all of us about our spiritual reality. My latest teacher is the number one male tennis star Novak Djokovic, affectionately called  “The Joker. by the commentators. Don’t let the nick name fool you, he is wise. Today, I heard him say: “At the end of the day, my convictions are stronger than my doubts.” He was commenting after a victory.

Immediately I heard that statement, I grab my pen and paper and wrote it down. It was indeed a teaching. Once I own that I do have doubts; it is up me to ensure that my convictions are stronger than my doubts. That is the true path to manifesting the sacred walk. Yes, there will always be doubts as to what my pursuit of a genuinely sacred journey ought to be. As long as my convictions are stronger than any doubts I may have; I will make progress.

As I am ready to grasp another level of knowing, the teachers appear. They may not even know they are teaching me, but they are. I am in a true state of gratefulness whenever I can gain knowledge about the sacred path of spiritual expansion. I look for teachers everywhere as they indeed are everywhere.

Today my convictions, that I am being guided and taught, are stronger than any doubt I may have.