Friday, January 1, 2016

Light Bearers Creed

Exigency is a word which means ‘that which is required in a particular situation is now occurring". Thus exigency of the service used to mean whatever adversity is encountered in a particular work situation is to be expected; as it is required to be in that situation. We wish to take a different route to the meaning of that phrase and show how adversity was never a part of the service ones gives.

          In Service to the Light” is a common salutation offered by the elder brethren to listeners of any exhortation they give. We are all in service to the LIGHT. This is a service which has many and wonderful exigencies. They come with the territory when a Being consciously agrees to serve the LIGHT in any capacity. The first exigency and most observable is equanimity and serenity. Not only is this a requirement; but it is a byproduct of being in service to the LIGHT. It is given as a tool to each and every Light Worker to use in same service. One may desire to be of service by the all pervading peace which comes with this service; is inescapable and allows for a wider connection with those to whom the service is rendered. For this effect alone many rush to serve the Light.

          Another exigency of service to the LIGHT is high self esteem. When one serves the light, one is apt to accept all the foibles and shortcomings within the personality with grace and a knowing that life is a journey. Any mistake that might have been made are learning devices and used as such. This reduces stress and strengthens the inner resolve to expand beyond the place where the mistake was made. A more pleasant and attractive persona is then presented to the outer world.

Serving the Light is why we have come.