Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Choice for Peace

Consciousness is the all-pervading, controlling factor in our lives. I know that is true for me. That morning, sometime ago, I awoke with a vague feelings of uneasiness; a mild sort of discontent, which had no roots; merely a vine of awareness seeking to settle. If it had been allowed to continue, it would have found plenty of reasons to enlarge itself. I knew it was not a space I wanted to occupy for the rest of the day. If it grew any larger, it would be difficult to dislodge later on. I had to make a decision. Would I allow my mind to meander in the fertile environment of lack and limitation; gathering all that is not to my liking; feeding upon them and strengthening the discontent; or would I choose peace? 

I chose peace. I sat down with a wonderful piece of music and invited the forces of peace, love, joy, contentment and grace to enter my experience. It took some doing. The mild irritation had been allowed into the space of the first cup of coffee; and it takes energy anyway it can. But true to the claim made by the Guru Master Person: “He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world;” peace with all her attendants came and communed with me. Joy and gratitude came and stayed throughout my day. That was the space that I occupied less than an hour later that day.

That is one of the reasons for continuing with this journey; it works, every time it works! The ever mounting joy with marks most of my days came and stayed. I did not earn it. I did not dredge it up with lots of prayers or chanting. I did not have to do anything. I simply sat and allowed. The true secret for the life triumphant we are seeking to live, is being still and allowing.

Today I allow all in my world to be as it truly is.