Friday, January 22, 2016

Upon Awakening

Waking up from the earth sleep is pretty much like waking up from the sleep we do as physical beings. Some beings wake up instantly and are alert ready to perform at peak levels.  Some beings awake more slowly spending moments within the arms of sleep while trying to negotiate the wake-a-day world. Still others have to allow hours to pass before they are fully awakened. The same types are among those of us who are awakening to the life of Spirit.  

There are those of us who one instant are held fast in the earth sleep, living their moments with no awareness of life beyond the five senses.  Seemingly, for all intent and purposes, lost in the material quest, never giving a moment's thought to what exist outside of the very material way in which they conduct life. Then the very next moment, or so it seems to those looking on, they are wide awake to the life of Spirit, fully endowed with all the gifts of the Spirit long time seekers can only imagine. Those who have been seeking for years are those who awaken more slowly, and sometimes are apt to judge the authenticity of those who awaken instantly.  At this particular time we are apt to find more of the instantly awakened than the slow plodders.  All are desired, needed, welcomed and loved.
The sleeping we do at nights is intended to rest and rejuvenate the physical structure the better to perform during the waking hours. The same can be said of the earth sleep. We needed the experience of the earth sleep, if only for contrast to what we will become. We need it more so to strengthen the personality in order for it to evolve into the strong individualized entity useful to creation's intent.   

Those of us who are still choosing sleep have more strengthening to do to the personality to make it strong enough to hold and wield the enormous power endowed to the Christ within.  On this plane of existence such power would wreck havoc, if the personality was not well developed.  One does not give to a two year old a scientific computer! The child would not know its use and perhaps throw milk into it and cause grave damage.  The same is true of ourselves. Until we have matured as humans, we are not capable of harmlessly using the power inherent in a fully Christed being. Thus this power is held in abeyance until our personalities are matured enough that we conduct life in the most harmless manner possible.
The age that we have entered is so important. The cusping from one state of consciousness to the next, more refined state, bears the fruits from the work done by souls over the preceding ages.  It is not important how it appears to those looking on, the light is going on in many souls and The Awakening is well under way.  Like any morning known to man, the Sun is raising. The light of day will not be denied simply because some of us would rather remain in the darkened state of the earth sleep.  Rip Van Wrinkle not withstanding,  humans cannot sleep their life away. There are times when we would like to stay in bed for the entire day with shades drawn against the light that is seeking entrance to call us to wakefulness. Some of us do that from time to time. The same action is being carried out by those who find the darkened rooms of material existence so comfortable than awaken. They would rather draw the shades around their souls and stay asleep. Free Will beings can do just that.  But with so many of us coming awake it will prove more and more difficult to avoid the Light that is streaming from the awakened ones.
Familiarity breeds comfort. For those who are comfortable with the shadows of material existence, coming awake feels like a threat to their comfort and perhaps an annihilation of their very existence. But which one of us have full control of our bodies when we are in physical sleep?  The same is true of spiritual sleep.  We are in ignorance of who we are while we are caught in the earth sleep.  

Because of this ignorance we are incapable of the types of activi­ties in which we can engage as fully awaken beings. Fully awakened beings have such great potential to express that as we awaken we will astonish ourselves. To me being awakened is to be preferred to being asleep. Thus all my efforts are being expended in the task of becoming fully awakened and alive to all the possibilities endowed within my soul. They are powerful indeed, and I would deny myself that power no longer.
Being among those whose awakening process is slower, it has taken me years of seeking, probing and looking at my every motive, action, thought and intent to begin to acknowledge that I am awakening.  As I grope within the shadows cast by the social consciousness for the awareness of my true being, I sometimes stumble, stub my toe, bump into the furnishings of my own mind and even close my eyes from time to time refusing to see what is within me.

 But it is with gratitude that I say that although I am still rubbing the earth sleep from my eternal eyes, there is more light within those eyes than there were before. I see some areas of experience much more clearly than I did before. The glow from my being is a little brighter than it was even yesterday. I know this trend will continue until I stand on the earth a fully Christed being, capable of wielding the powers within my soul to participate in the transformation of the planet and its peoples into the paradise it is intended to become. 

I intend to become more awake today, and every day I live in this body!!! 

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