Sunday, January 31, 2016

We are One (Excerpted from A Second Slice)

The concept of Oneness has been with me for a long time now. Sometimes I truly think that I have got it.  A remembrance would overtake me in the midst of my musings and I would know that the entire universe and I are intimately connected; however, that feeling does not translate into language. This knowing so clear in quiet moments, leaves me breathless and wanting to remain within its embrace forever. The Teachings say that is where I am, yet that the knowing slips away as soon as I turn to the task of negotiating the everyday world; because it seems to need words to understand anything. It is quite a quandary I have established for the Holy One within to unravel. This much I do know; this knowing is not in any book and will not be heard from any sage, neither of those may give me the language to define what I know is true. That is perhaps why lately I have been rereading material that I read years ago; seeking within them for a glimpse of that language of the Oneness of all life. It seems no matter where I look the connotation is always God and human, even when the language is speaking of God in humans.

This drastic language change happened once before in recent history.  Before the advent of the Guru Master Person the prevailing concept of the Creating Force, was of a harsh judge who had to be worshiped or else. If people did not do as this Great One said, there would be famine, wars, pestilence and other diverse destruction on the general population; even if there were some who obeyed the dictates as given by those who spoke in the name of God. Then the Guru Master Person came and told us all that the Creating Force was a very intimate energy desiring only the best for Its Creation. Indeed, this energy was so loving, the only word good enough was that of Father. It was a very patriarchal society in which he incarnated and gave this revolutionary teaching; hence the report of Father instead of the Father/Mother/God we now most commonly use. I am convinced that the time has rolled around for even that wonderful concept to be upgraded to the wider understanding of the Almighty God that is now abroad across the face of the earth.  Oneness is a good word; but it is rather an impersonal one.

It is reported in scared writing that in an encounter with the mighty force of God, one sage asked what this force should be called. He was told that the name of God is "I am that I am."  Various teachings have sprung up around that declaration, and they all seem valid for a time.  Then the urge to go beyond even those and to live the "I am" in the reality of twentieth century planet earth. I am what this force is called and one interpretation says "I always was, I am, and forever will be" is wrapped up in those three letters. I ponder that concept and think that if God always was and forever will be; therefore so are we, ever evolving, ever expanding in creativity and love. That is a concept that I find comforting and ennobling. 

Somehow in our daily interac­tions we must learn to eliminate the "and" connecting God and ourselves and make it God only as fact.