Tuesday, February 16, 2016


"Before now I would be constrained to ignore such a small change; look for signs and portents in more acceptable ways. But the same source for the above information concerning spacial perception, went on to insist that if we wish to experience more of the manifestations of the invisible life within our experience; we must honor the small and seemingly insignificant." That quote is  taken from The Second Slice. 

As you may know by now, I am in the throes of preparing The Second Slice for publication. It is almost ready. The delay has been due entirely to my constant dallying and frittering away of the time I ought to be spending doing the work. I wondered why I was so very reluctant to commit to the project. I have issues. Well know this I am addressing my issues and the Holy Light within me is enabling me to work through those issues and stand in the creativity of which I am perfectly capable.

The small change mentioned in the quote concerns spacial perception. Sometimes space appear larger or smaller depending on my perception. Physical space is not truly static and unchanging, but shrink or expand depending on the inner space I am occupying. Thus to me physical space and inner space are related. Whenever I shrink into the spaces formed my ego, the physical space I occupy appear to grow smaller. Then when I allow the truth of me to become my dominant and prevailing consciousness, the physical space literally expands.

Attention is the key to growth. Today I pay attention. 
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