Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Will

“Xenogenesis means the beginning of a new specie. We are participating in such a birth at this moment. The cocoon in which we lived for centuries is thinning.The light, filtering in on our half asleep consciousness, triggers confusion in some of us and amplifies our deepest fears. The portions of ourselves existing outside of this nurturing cocoon are helping with the thinning and eventual dissolution of this shell. While we are absorbing the last of the growth producing stimuli from our cocoon; we are becoming more alert and ever more conscious of our selves as creators of our  worlds. There are many who will openly admit to being the trigger, if not the cause, of events in their individual lives. It is but a short step for those to know they are also the triggers and cause of collective events as well. Nothing is ever imposed upon the individual or the collective. All is the result of choice. That is the universal way of all free will beings, and we are free will beings.”  
Quoted from the A Differing Light.

So, today as we view, or participate, in events know that we are purging the ages old sense of separation and finding Oneness. It may not appear to be much of a joining; but remember this a wound has to be cleaned before it can be healed. As above so below, means that what we see as the disintegration of the normal way things used to be done, is but the integration of a new and finer field of vibration; designed to allow the peace and tranquility we are creating together to be made manifest as our world.

Peace on the Earth and Good Will toward All.