Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Twenty-One Days

Yesterday I sat down and watched television turned to the political station, MSNBC. They had all their reporters and anchors in New Hampshire covering today’s primary election. I am more than a little interested in politics, as the actions of our politicians affect so much of what happens in our country and the world. All of the “reporting” and commentary sounds like a sporting event. Everyone who gave an opinion or a report sounded as though they were talking about a game of sport. The candidates were described in terms of their ability to win or lose.  I had not paid much attention to how the “race” was being covered. I have my favorite and was not pleased when my favorite was not given what I thought was a fair hearing. In the end I was appalled at the manner in which those running to become president were treated. After a while I wanted to run to a bookie and place a bet on who would win today.

While paying attention to my breath to take myself to the center of being and purge my mind from the drivel to which I had been giving my attention; I had the bright thought to ask all who read this blog post to pray for twenty-one days for our nation. All sacred writings suggest that when humans gather in the consciousness of Oneness trajectories can be changed. I believe that implicitly. So I am asking all of the readers to do a simply exercise for twenty-one days and notice the outcome; both in your own individual life and the life of our nation.

Take three minutes every day during that period and imagine that you are a center of bright cleansing light. As the light solidifies in your mind, see it streaming out from your center into the room where you are, then to the city, then to the state and eventually to the whole country. Notice in your mind’s eye this light covering every person, building, street, and crevice of the entire country. For those whose intent is to change the world, see this light spreading over the entire planet. Hold this image with the intention of affecting the national consciousness with peace, health, prosperity and love. This simple exercise is the prayer.

We can change the anger expressed by so many to love; which will ensure peace.