Friday, March 18, 2016

My Hearts Prayer

Father/Mother/God, I acknowledge that you are here; not only within and all around me, but as me. The life which activated and animates me, is your life. The thoughts flowing through my mind are your thoughts. The urge to seek the sacredness within all of life is from you, drawing me to yourself. Holy Parent, when you created me and sent me out to gather experience on earth, you knew all the permutations the journey could possible take; and named them all good. There have been times when it did not seem as though you were there at all. Yet, within everyone moment you were in me, experiencing as me. The light which beamed within me now is you; calling me to a higher experience of the love that you are. I know that I am that love as well.

Father/Mother/God, this love I now feel so strongly within my heart is you, seeking with the force of the Universe to be known in a conscious manner. With each breath, oh life within me, I draw closer to experiencing within this coat of flesh the Oneness which is the truth of all life. How, the tremors roll through me as the  love I  am willing me to be. There is no end to life; and Mother, this moment I experience timelessness; knowing that all the connections are being strengthened. From the nature of my own sacred being, I send this love to all the Universe; knowing it takes wings and speeds to every living creature and echoes their love to me. 

I am grateful.
Excerpted from Slices by me.