Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Watching one of my favorite tennis players, Raphael Nadal, defeat an opponent; the other player stepped up to the service line in the deciding game. His shoulders slumped, his body seemed plastic and his serving arm had little life in it. As I watched I noted his entire being shouted he was dispirited. The word caught my attention, diverted me from the match on the television and called me within myself. That instant I pondered the meaning of the word dispirited.

What does it truly mean to be dispirited? The word implies a loss of spirit. But spirit is everywhere present and cannot be lost. Something other than an lost of spirit must be at play when the word is used. Spirit being always present then there can be no such state as dispiritedness. I probed deeper and found that Spirit is simply ignored. Spirit is waiting to be invited by any who is feeling Its absence to again become Spirited.

Being spirited means living with the conscious intent of being in the presence of the mighty Spirit which animates everything. A state of dispiritedness can only be in the consciousness of separation. Spiritedness is the norm. It is the usual state of being and only the sense of separation can trigger feelings of loss; spiritedness. No one is ever without the aid and comfort of Spirit. All that is necessary to dispel feelings of dispiritedness is to remember that Spirit, hope, joy, love, beauty and abundance is there.

Today let us lift up our spirits and enjoy them all.