Thursday, April 7, 2016

God's Love

Sometimes I am tempted to pretend that the spiritual roots from which I sprung does not exist; it all seems to very punitive and old fashion. Then a piece of music from those very roots spring up and keeps repeating in my mind and I have to take another look from whence I have come. That music affirms my roots in the Christian Church and speaks to my connection to the God taught in that church.

Today one such song ambushed me and kept repeating and repeating and repeating. That is my cue to pay attention and see what new insight might be gained from looking at it. I went to YouTube; a habit I am acquiring. I listened to several versions of the song and was taken to a place where the theology was not as important and the central message that love is the foundation of it all. The song is the Love of God.

A particular riff stands out. Those lines describe the vastness of God’s love for Its children. There is no language inclusive enough to define that love in its entirety. From my metaphysical teachings I know that I am in that love, made from the substance of that love and have being within that vast love.

I am grateful for every reminder that love is the only game in town.