Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Had Cataract Surgery

I had cataract surgery on my left eye yesterday. They could not find a vein that would accept the sleep medicine; so I was kept awake and aware for the whole thing. Pain, there was none. Even when the good doctor said I should feel something; I only felt a twinge. Went back to see him today and he said all is progressing as it should be and the eye still being dilated has 20/25 vision. Blew me away!

The doctor remarked how still I was during the procedure. I smiled and knew that my center of peace was holding. That all those hours I spent in meditation was paying off right there in the doctor’s office when I needed it the most.

The day before this event, I participated in a discussion about peace and how individual peace affects world peace at the early service in church. I strongly believe that being in the center of peace ripples out to the wider world. I also believe if enough of us hold our beings in the center of peace we will see peace on earth in our lifetimes. I know that what we see out there in the wide world suggests that will never happen; I beg to differ. So I hold my center of peace as best I can and hope you do the same.

Being in the center of peace is my rightful place.