Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Fable (or is it?)

Once upon a time on planet earth the people drew lines across continents; spoke different languages; fought wars over words and peddled fear in all its various forms. What changed? A small brown girl named Admyra was born more than a thousand years ago. She bore in her heart a love that was never been on the earth before. Just before her sixth birthday, she asked her mother why people fought and hated one another.  That’s the way it has always been here on earth, her mother told her. We must change that way and help people to love one another; they will have greater happiness if they do. Her mother handed her a sandwich for her lunch box and smiled that grown up indulgent smile mothers do when the children spoke those kinds of words.

Admyra put her sandwich in her lunch box along with an apple and a bottle of water and walked to school. Her closest friend was a little girl named Innocence who never seemed to have lunch of her own. When the lunch hour arrived the two girls went out into the school yard and sat together under the giant oak tree which took up the center of the school yard. They always sat there with their backs tucked up against the tree when the weather was nice. That day it was nice. As they shared the lunch from Admyra’s she told Innocence the plan she had to help people love one another and stop fighting.

It was a very simple plan and one she was sure would work and it had to begin with the two of them. They would find another child and tell that child how much they loved him or her and ask that child to join the plan. They would also tell their parents and relatives how much they love them and ask them to tell at least one other human being how much they are loved. The oak shimmered as if to agree with the two girls. That very day they both put the plan into action. Each chose a class mate and told them that they were loved and that they should tell someone else how much they were loved.

Within a week the loving spread around town and odd things began to happen. People were being kind to one another; more people smiled when they met in the streets; and many more hummed or sang outright as they went about their day. The change was so noticeable the local television did a story on it.  Someone put clip of the news story on the internet and it went viral. Lots of people decided that was worth trying in their own towns. Before long the plan hatched by Admyra and Innocence was being done in many other countries with the same result.
Before a year had gone by, the project started by two little girls sitting under an oak tree was a great success. Warring nations gathered at the United Nations and declared peace and open boarders; allied nations remove their custom and boarder security officers; hostile groups smelted their arms and made trinkets; estranged families reconciled; the earth knew peace for the first time. People turned their attention to clearing the environment of pollution. The oceans were swept clean of pollution and happiness was the order of the day for almost everyone. The few hold outs changed their minds and started to share love; there was no trolling on the internet.

Two little girls sitting under an oak tree caused peace on earth.