Saturday, May 21, 2016

Because I Wasn’t Listening

 A couple of years ago I received a wakeup call by way of colon cancer. It was healed and I resumed a healthy life with a bang. I published a daily blog and edited a previously written manuscript. I requested from the Spiritual Leader of my community a greater participation within the community and was granted it. By and large it appeared I was doing the work I had before me to do.

Then for the past few months, I have been sliding into the kind of inertia which led to the cancer. Lately I’ve become downright stagnant. I have confined my blogging to once per week or less; I binge watch television and only show up for a few outings of a spiritual nature and then mostly as part of the audience.

Today I received another wake up call. This time it was much gentler than cancer. I was being attuned for Reiki Two and the master doing the attunement challenged me with the voice from her guide. Those monitoring both of us told me in no uncertain terms I was not doing my work. I needed to start writing. She was shown words pouring out of my mouth and people gobbling up those words. This is both confirming and challenging at the same time.

I know that I have the gift of words. But I rationalize the pursuit of doing more than I am doing with those words with age, funding and million and one excuses. I have no more excuses. I am tapped out and must now turn to the avenues I was promised would be there once I begin the effort. I do not know how this will play out; but from this point on, I will write.
Because I wasn’t listening someone had to call me to attention. I am now attentive and will do what is mine to do starting with today’s blog post. This one.

Please stay tuned for what follows, an adventure I am sure...