Sunday, June 19, 2016

Forty-Nine Plus One

In my church today we paused at the end of the usual meditation to hold a moment of silence for the souls who transitioned via the incident at the Pulse night club in Orlando. I paused along with all the other congregants to pay homage to their souls. Our nation has taken to demonizing the soul who caused the other forty-nine to depart. I thought of the other soul, the one who chose to precipitate the exit of the forty-nine; and knew that soul also needed love.

I added a soul fiftieth soul to the list. As a practicing metaphysician I know there is a bigger picture than that of 'simply an insane person wielding a gun; and victims falling dead as a result'. Those who were involved in the incident in Orlando are souls participating in an eternal dance which can only be understood if we view the incident from the perspective of souls. None of us know the forces at work within each soul. None of us can say for sure what motivated the soul who held the gun. None of us know the imperatives of the souls who were present at the club on that fateful night. All we can understand is that the impact of the incident is being felt by all of us.

Sometimes bodies act at the behest of the souls they bear without consciously knowing the wider arena in which they operate. We are told in countless spiritual writings not to judge. We are to be discerning but not to judge. The reason for this admonition is we do not know, from the human perspective, exactly what drama is being played.

As readers of this blog, I ask you to also pray for the “Soul” of the one who killed when you offer prayers for those who were killed. Life is eternal. Although their bodies will be missed by those left behind; they are souls on an eternal journey which did not end when they crossed the bar we call death.

Let us seek peace and keep the cosmic picture ever in our minds.