Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Moment

Now! What a wonder filled word that is. It declines to give credence to a past; disowns a future of any kind; yet contains within itself all the possibilities a dream can hold. Now is where I live and am infused with the energy of love. In my now there lay a completion not to be found anywhere else. In my now life finds itself as me and I am fulfilled. In my now I am bathed in the radiance of my inner light and glow eternally; a beacon for any who would walk in darkness. The words of Isaiah: “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light…” ring clearly within this now; pointing with prophetic fingers to this very moment.

This very instant, this same moment, within this brilliant now; the earth reflects the glory of the Creator God in myriad activities forming a song of love teeming with life. This moment a koala in Australia bites the succulent leaf of a giving eucalyptus tree and sighs with contentment. In China a lover surrenders to passion and satiety is known as ecstasy in the closing throes of copulation. This instant, a mother in Zimbabwe draws to her laden breast a hungry child, who nurses to fulfillment upon the milk flowing copiously from the bosoms of love. Deep in the frozen tundra of Antarctica a female penguin surrenders her egg to her mate to nurture into maturing; giving to the earth a new life. A family in Siberia in the throes of sorrow buries the body of a member who has left the house of flesh to enter the realms of expansion where fleshly bodies are unnecessary.
On warm tropical beaches children and dolphins play in abandon, singing songs of joy. In colder climes worshipers gather in basement churches their songs of salvation a melodic harmony to the power of grace. Now, this moment a butterfly breaks the confining bonds of its cocoon lending beauty to the scape it finds without. This is the moment when my connections with the Universe are known everywhere. The firefly, the antelope, the salamander and the planet are teeming with the life extant upon and within the earth; they honor that life with love and joining this very moment.