Saturday, November 26, 2016


I am composed of billions of points of light. Within me spin atoms whose only function is to express life. This life is vibrant, alert, alive ad spilling over with enthusiasm, joy, fulfillment and love. This is live at its finest.

I am one with this the life that is all light. I am light. My significance needs no justification. It is not justified by what I do, hear, see, think, or where I go or any other kind of physical activity. The vast expanse of the Universe throbs within that which I call my body. This throbbing is the pulse of life. i surrender my awareness to this life; the power of which is invincible. This invincibility eradicates from my awareness all concepts of disease.
My consciousness is now filled with wholeness and health. From the smallest particle of my body a resounding acceptance leaps forth and joins joyously with the theme of the Universe, Life.

Now I know in the deepest portions of myself, I am whole! I am the physical manifestation of wholeness. There is no power that can separate me from this wholeness!
In joy and humility I accept that which I am and that which is expressing.

 Life; I am that.