Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Our Creative Self

There is something within everyone which says ‘you are more than you dreamed you are’. This very versatile, active, loving, unconditional something we call the Divine within man. This very divine portion of each human being longs to be known to the world. It seeks with every action, every thought, every breath to be the sum total of the life of each being. This is the motive force undergirding every action. The extent to which this life giving force is expressed is directly proportionate to the involvement with the inner life of the individual. When one is focused within to this Creative Force; one’s activities are inspired by the lofty, the sublime, the loving. On the other hand when one is focused on the effect of this inner activity; the very physical appearance that seems so permanent; so solid and impenetrable, the actions stemming from such a focus appear to be less than the very highest to which one is capable.

The intent of being within a physical form was so that the soul may learn how to create within the densest of vibrations; locally known as matter. Matter is the densest of vibration known within this sector of the Universe. The learning process is akin to an experiment; in that we create en mass certain sets of conditions which for all intents and purposes appear to be permanent. These conditions include, but are not limited to, an earth on which to live; bodies in which to live on this earth; rocks, trees, water air, computers and fast moving trains. Once we, as occupants of our bodies, interact with the mass of our created material; we form the reality by that very interaction.

If our experience is unpleasant in any degree; we were meant to change that environment. Not the mass environment, but our own individual environment. The very subjective nature of perception allows this to be done without in any manner infringing upon the desires and proclivities of our neighbors. This we do anyway. The difference is we are not doing this in a conscious manner. That is we go about impressing our desires and preferences upon our world by our thoughts, feelings and expressions daily. The results of all this grand creativity come up to meet us as our experience. We wonder, often aloud, how this could happen to us. Truth is, we in our infinite creativity orchestrated our very circumstance right down to the smallest detail.

Enjoy your creative self.