Wednesday, November 9, 2016


It is time for me to go into REHAB. The reason is that sat up all night looking at the political stuff on TV. I was sad for awhile; then got over it. The reason our nation chose as it did is we need to see the fruits of our collective consciousness in order to bring about balance and harmony.

What I have to remember is that there are two great forces serving the expansion of humankind. One is evolutionary and the other is devolutionary. Sometimes we are wont to label the devolutionary forces as evil or negative. Their function is impartial and not meant to cause harm or pain. They must fulfill their function of tearing down structures that have outlived their usefulness. That appears to be happening in our existing institutions and have been going on for quite a while now. While all this dismantling is going on the evolutionary forces are equally busy constructing new and finer states for us to inhabit.

It may appear to be of great harm and damage as the existing political structure crumbles. We can assist in building the new political structure by being aware of our feelings of elation or depression by the results of the recent election. Either way we are a part of what  occurred regardless of how we voted. The forces of evolution and devolution will be most effective once our acceptance is given and the new and finer forms that we are destined to inhabit will manifest that much faster. 

I give myself freely to the forces that are working to bring balance and harmony to my own consciousness and thus the collective consciousness.