Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Door

The Flower of God’s Eye

His eyes he closed upon this earth
Of things, and sounds, and busyness
Then opened he the eyes of soul
On vistas wide and fair
Bright in the everlasting light
Shining and with glory filled:

The love of Cause drew him home.

Bore he well the cares of earth
Graceful the steps through matter dark
bearing light upon the way
Faithful to the path he chose
Ere veil of flesh he took:

The love of Cause drew him here.

Remembered well the purpose of
His journey on this plane
To fill the dells and hinter parts
With laughter and few tears:

The love of Cause kept him safe.

Souls in youthful bodies came
Around his knees to sit
To hear the gallant tales of life
And giggle from his pokes:

The love of Cause directs his ways.

The flower of God’s eyes returned
To blossom, bloom and glow
Amid the light and ceaseless truth
Of Oneness and delight:
The love of Cause is all he knows
As freedom he unfurls
He holds the light in steadfast glow
For those he left behind:
With soul uncaged from body’s strain.

The Cause of love complete.