Monday, January 9, 2017

The Rocking Chair Part 1

She reached out and patted the baby back to sleep. She had absently felt the child stir and with most of mind on the book she was reading, preformed the simple task of hushing the infant into a deeper sleep that the child had experienced before stirring. The lullaby she hummed may have appeared tuneless to any but her child. The child responded to the harmony created by her mother’s murmurings and slept.
Evelyn smiled; how wonderful and fitting everything was. The child, the house, the father of the child, her being there; it seemed amazing but right. Perfect would indeed be a better word. She closed the book around her index finger, leaned way back and started a tiny motion in the rocking chair. The smile playing itself out on her lips widened.
She remembered as if it were yesterday her grandma sitting in this same rocking chair combing her hair and telling her; “girl when I’m gone you don’t sell this house, but live here. You hear me?”
“Yes man,” she had said; but was silently wishing the ordeal was over so she could go outside and play. Then the day had come when she had to indeed make the decision of what to do with house. That the question came when she was most fed up with the hectic city life and living in the country most attractive had seemed then to be a stroke of luck.
Tracing her years from the time she had taken on the task of making it on her own in the city to her present life produced waves of emotions which flowed into her eyes and inundated her face. She closed her eyes to concentrate on her travel.
It was so vivid in her mind; her job in the city, the hustle and bustle of getting back and forth every day all came rushing in. The coolness and peace of her tiny apartment with all the plants she love so much was extremely clear. The inquisitive old woman who lived next door to her; who always knew when she came in and went out; but failed to hear the burglar who came and took all her small appliances as well as her junk jewelry bubble up as well. Her elation upon buying her first car surged with a new joy. The depression that swept her up when she lost her job caused a jolt of pain. All those memories she ran through quickly in kaleidoscopic fashion so she could come to the part that started two and a half years ago with her moving here.