Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Where Are My Keys?

Yesterday, my nephew, Joseph, drove up from Dunwoody to take me to the grocery store. The reason he had to do that is that my car died a couple of months and as of this moment has not been replaced. I am grateful for having such loving folks around me to spare me some of the harsher realities of not having personal transportation in an area where there is no public transportation to speak of.

All of this takes me to my keys. Last evening I had a group meeting with church folks. Another great soul, Bonnie, picks me up for that event. Well as she pulled up I reached for my keys on the hook on the kitchen wall where I usually keep it. It was not there. I did not have much time to search for them, so I grabbed the spare keys on the adjoining hook and off we went. Returning home, I searched all the suspected places where I could have placed the keys, with no result. I shrugged the whole incident off and went on with the rest of my evening
This morning as I prepared breakfast I look on the other kitchen wall; the one with the hook for the pot holders and there they were. Perched on top of the pot holders; appearing out of place; were the long sought for keys.

I knew there was something there for me to ponder. Objects in the physical world have significance and relationship to spiritual progress. What the key incident was telling me was there is a key to my greater expansion that I was missing. And that important key is right under my nose. I am searching my consciousness for the connection and will put that important information to work of furthering my expansion.

I’ll let you know what I find.