Sunday, May 7, 2017

What If…

I have been having a recurring thought. What if we were all connected? What if we could change the world with a simple affirmation? What next the transformation we are seeking lay within our thoughts and one resounding thought could cause everything to change? So I answered myself and said yes, we can!

The affirmation that accompanied the thought is “I AM A RADIATING CENTER OF PEACE.”
Here’s my proposition if you choose to take me up and see if indeed we can change the world right now. Every time you have a spare moment throughout the day for the next seven days say that affirmation out loud or within the confines of your mind. It cannot stop there however. What must follow is to be extremely diligent in looking for the outshoots of peace everywhere. Every time you observe an event, enter a conversation, browse the internet, watch television, look for signs of peace. 

This is a scientific experiment. Please report your peace sighting on my FaceBook page or in person. 

Let’s see.