Friday, January 1, 2010

Allegory Number 1

Eons and eons ago there was a Singular Being with enormous love, power and wisdom. For ages untold this glorious and magnificent Being contemplated and enjoyed the simple act of being. It knew all things, and loved all things equally. It surfieted itself in wonder and amazement of the grandeur of who it was. Then several eons ago, this beautiful Being decided to conduct an experiment within itself. The act it contemptated had never been done, and would change the way things were forever. This mighty Being embarked upon its grand experiment with enormous grace and dignity, knowing the outcome would increase its wisdom and power.

Quietly and with deliberate intent, the magnificent Being divided itself into untold trillions of fragments. The most amazing aspect of this grand division was the Being remained intact as Itself. The difference being, the many fragments were aware that they were part of the grand whole that was this great Being while retaining consciousness of their individuality. All the wisdom, love, power and grace that belonged to the whole being were now in each and every fragment in the same amount and with the same capacity. None of the fragments had more than any other.

The experiment is still underway. The grander of the whole being remains intact. Although over linear time the fragments have imagined themselves as separate, that they can commit evil acts, grow old and die, none of this is true, now or ever. There is great hope for those who imagine such things. This hope is a great number of the fragments are remembering the truth of themselves and everything they possess. They are in the process of joining these memories with one another. The field of remembering is growing larger and very soon now, there will be a mass remembering of the Oneness of the Whole Being which they are.

In love and light:

I bequeath you love: