Friday, December 11, 2015

We Can Heal

I have been seeking to understand all that is happening on our planet. I believe in the goodness of a Universe of Love. I understand that all events are precipitated from consciousness. I also know that there are millions of Light Workers around the world who are seeking peace with all they understand. Thus the great amount of violence, physical, mental and spiritual is pushing me to seek the underlying meaning from a spiritual perspective. My guides are silent on the subject; or maybe I and not listening carefully enough.

I know that we are in a time of balancing the energy on the earth. I know that there is good within everyone and everything. I know that this is a passing phase and will pass. In the light of all of that, I still stare with eyes full of tears at the events. There is so much antipathy among us at this time. People on social media vent and snipe at one another; building up more antipathy. I ask what I can do. I know that my actions contribute in one way or another to the prevailing consciousness. So I am careful how I view situations. I am as open as I understand; and hold my consciousness and energy as neutral as I understand. Yet sometimes I get caught up and want to change events.

I promise to keep my heart and mind focused on the truth that we are all Divine Beings here on earth for a brief span. I hold that there is an underlying goodness even in those who are behaving in cruel ways. I send love to the earth, her dwellers, and the souls of those who live with ill intent towards their fellow kind.This I can do, and this I will do.

Join me daily to know that Love is real, and we are its agents.