Friday, December 9, 2011

Start Over, Why Don't You?

What would it take for you and me to start over today and present a new born being to the world in which we live? Nothing! Yes, nothing. You see this new being has everything it needs to be fully productive and to fulfill every little desire. What prevented the old being from doing just that? We bought the social consciousness whole sale. We gave our undivided attention to what the world deem to be possible. The new being would not do that. The new being would give no recognition to the social consciousness. There would be no should(s) in the thought process of a conscious Child of God; and that is what the new being would be. The essence of Human Spirituality is the knowledge that this type of change is possible.
Everything is allowed by a Child of God! Yes, everything and anything. Because this new being is conscious of being a Child of God It will cause no harm. Not because it is wrong to hare, as we were so carefully taught, but because a conscious Child of God allows; and in allowing there can be no harm. The conscious Child of God allows everything and everyone to be what they choose to be.
The Father, in infinite goodness and wisdom, allows all creatures to be what they would be. He calls on us to do the same. This conscious Child of God does not interfere, and allows those who would interfere to do so. What about consequences? Of course there are consequences to every action. What kind of universe do you think this is anyway? The universe is created in preface balance, and is maintained in perfect balance. I know it does not appear to be that way now, there are so many bad guys and so few good guys; but it is balanced. Because the universe is poised and balanced, every action has an equal reaction; that is how the balance is maintained. No energy is every lost only changed.
There are no absolute judgments to kill off the bad guys, and make the good guys rich; no matter how much we wish for that to happen. Because of the balanced nature of the universe, the Father/Mother/God, creator of the universe, merely allows each creature to evolve into the perfect pattern for its kind. Of course there are kinds; what do you think as above so below means? Earth life is the shadowed, mirrored image of the true life. It has to be.
The new being, I am discussing, is very aware of the connections holding the entire universe, yes, the Universe of universes, as one cohesive whole. The links are eternal, and nothing can separate one being from its Creator, or from other beings, no matter how hard we try. The barriers are all artificial, and do not truly exist. Those barriers are maintained because we are allowed to be whatever we choose to be. That is true freedom! We all have it, use it every day, and still keep the awareness of being bound. We are so free, we may, and we do, imagine ourselves controlled and bound by persons and situations. Truly we may arise and go home any moment we choose. That is Freedom! The new being is aware of this freedom and chooses to continue as the old being was operating, with the infinite knowing it is a choice to do so.
Nothing enters the experience of this new being without specific invitation. The invitation is issued by the thoughts held within the mind of this new being. Because this new being is aware only of LOVE loving experiences will be the only experiences this new being has. Everyone is to be trusted! Because everyone is trustworthy! That is a flat statement, not dependent upon the whims of the social order, but upon the truth that everyone is a Child of God.
All of this is possible to one born again within the moment that we own or relationship to the Creator of the Universe. Today we can claim all the resources placed within our souls and establish a brand new world. It may seem a bit farfetched, but what the hey; what is an incarnation for if not transformation.