Saturday, October 19, 2013

One True Love

Imagine, if you will, an Entity made of the purest Love. All the types of manifested love known to man is contained within the Entity. It is vast and every aspect of this vastness is LOVE. At first there were no differentiation between the various aspects of the great love. Thus the love known as agape or Divine Love was no different from filial or brotherly love. Nor was there a place where filial love ended and Eros begun. This entity knew only love by any name. A love which had no shade or color; it possessed of itself no demarcation nor separation; therefore there were no conditions placed on Love.

This vast entity knew itself as love and everything it conceived of it loved. There were no lines to say, here love ends or there love begins. All was one vast field of love existing within the all embracing folds of the entity and the all pervading consciousness of love it holds.

Change, the constant within the vast and unending field of love, was forever active, shifting the forms and knowing the grand tides within the vastness, known as love. From this mentation flowed all that existed and continue to exist within

In its contemplation of itself it conceived of individualizing aspects within its vastness. Although these aspects would be individual in character, in content each would always be the same. These individual aspects would be endowed with the same abilities as the entity, love itself. The entity knows with no shading of doubt the Universe of itself; and itself was the universe.