Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Gratitude

Just now I opened the kitchen tap, caught water in a jug, poured it into the coffee pot and was grateful. I live in a land where the collective will of my neighbors makes sure that I have clean water to brew my morning cup of coffee. I slept beneath a warming cover with no thought of being disturbed by gun fire or bombs, because there is no war being waged in my neighborhood. Outside of my window there is silence and the sounds of birds and clean air although there is electricity to brew my coffee. I am free to choose how I spend my days.

Most of my choices are made with my own needs in mind, yet the collective supports my choices. I am a part of a great whole which spells a nation. My nation is a part of a greater whole which makes up the planet. My planet is part of a grand whole which make up the solar system. Each one must function and each one must contribute to its portion of harmony for the whole function. I am grateful. 

There are times within the space of our collective which seems fractious and disagreeable. That is merely on the surface. Underneath of the apparent fractiousness there is a great harmony holding us all together in a space where the whole is bound and progressing. Each moment presents me with the opportunity to express this gratitude to be here as a presence of peace and harmonious living. I am grateful.

My gratitude abounds to everyone who has contributed to this moment and my growing awareness that I am not alone in the work to become consciously bounded in the grand union that is our destiny. Indeed, I am grateful.