Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Change the world today

We have to begin to chip away at the veil of fear encircling the globe. What can one human being do? In the oft quoted saying by Gandhi, “be the change you wish to see,” we have inkling. It sounds wonderful and we say it to one another in smug knowing. Since it does not seems to be working in diminishing the pervading fear. So, what do we do? A simple paraphrase of that saying gives us a clue. ‘Do the change you wish to have.’ In other words do something about fear in order to live in a fear free world. Here’s my plan. Say a cheerful hello to a stranger every day.

How this can reduce fear, you ask. It is simple. We are all connected. What affects one affects all. By saying hello to a stranger, you are saying; “I’m human, you are human, and I acknowledge our hared humanity.” That is the secret to removing fear from our consciousness, our common humanity. Too often we forget that our shared humanity is the very foundation of our civilization. That foundation is being eroded by our fear of another sight unseen. By greeting a stranger warmly we diminish our fear and theirs; which chips away the pall of the blanket of fear.
So, let’s do it. Say a warm hello to a stranger toady. There are plenty of opportunities in our daily lives to make a difference. A few suggestions to spark the imagination follow. When shopping say hello warmly to the checkout clerk and the person in front of you; a two for one. Do it when entering or leaving a public building; crossing the street or walking down a busy pathway. There are many more. Let your imagination and your cheer run wild and change the world.