Friday, July 24, 2015

An Act of Forgiveness

Two nights in a row I dreamed of friends who are a little distant form me now. I know that I needed to look at why. The one friend I remain in communication with the other not so much.  The more distant of these friends took money from me. At the time it appeared to be a considerable amount of money perhaps a few of thousand dollars. I resented it. I had changed towns by the time I found out about the whole thing and so I sent angry letters, perhaps two or three a week. It is was also the nascent stages of my spiritual quest. I attended many classes, workshops and seminars during that period. At one of my weekly classes the teacher guided us through a forgiveness exercise to release some hurt or resentment we harbored. We partnered up in pairs and told our stories to one another, pretending the other was the person we needed to forgive. I chose the friend who had absconded with my money.

As tears rolled down my face, I offered words of forgiveness. It took. That night I went home and wrote yet another letter to her. This time it was different. It held no recriminations, no I am going to haul you into court. Instead the letter released her of all obligations to me. I felt free. The thought of this act still leaves me joyful and full of the love that was always between us. You see any act of forgiveness frees the energy held within the hurt or resentment to come to natural where to can be used to further the journey into the essential self.