Friday, July 17, 2015

It has to drop (part 4)

Now for a few words about the light that is the composition of the road we just rolled. Close your eyes.  Now?  No, you cannot read with your eyes closed. Finish the paragraph and once you understand what is being asked of you, then close your eyes and do it.  Imagine for a moment a material so light it is less than the weight of a sparrow's feather although its mass is as wide and as long as is needed. This is how light and expansive the rolled road is.  See the edge of a chasm and this rolled road is in your hands. Now lay the road down. See how easily it spans the chasm. Allow it to have rails if that gives you a feeling of safety and security. Now the crossing is a simple walk over your bridge into the light of your divinity. Now you may close your eyes. This is why the light business had to await its own paragraph.

Light implies weightlessness or illumination. Both those meanings are indicated when discussing crossing over. Naturally if we were as advanced as we are shortly to become, we would become the light and shine ourselves over.  The substance of the path we just rolled is light. This dissolves the darkness of all our fears. All the stuff we have experienced are made up of the substance of our fears. This grand road made up of light, could have dissolved our fears at any point along the way if we had chosen to make the decision to live in love. Don’t forget all the wisdom and understanding we chose to attain while walking our particular road. Think of the many who have gone over there and we still see their bodies all the time, but we know they live in a different country. They used the light while traveling on their road to dissolve their fears and became the light, beaming themselves over to that place where there are no fears. They crossed the brink with ease. We could have done the same anytime we chose; truth is we can do so now. The road does not have to be rolled to dissolve the darkness of fear, just by asking that this be done the magic in ourselves, which we transferred to the road will do it for us, and we can be there.

Here's the rub. All the teaching,, the searching, the meditation has to drop from our heads to our hearts for the dissolution of our fears to happen. We must be operating from the heart space for love to prevail within our individual and collective lives. So go ahead, let the vast accumulation of truth you have stored in your head, drop into your heart and watch your transformation happen. Its all within your grasp, your heart is the answer.