Friday, July 31, 2015

Levels of Consciousness

Today I will have a look at the levels of conscious­ness, and how they change even from moment to moment.  Within me I have noticed ranges of consciousness that would appear to be the raving acts of a deranged manic depressive. If they were not within my own mind I would call the people in white coats to take the offender away. Take my response when someone pushes one of my buttons. There I was, a few moments before thinking the most lofty of thoughts, driving along and suddenly someone does what I think is a very stupid act. The vengeful punishing angel surfaces right there in my mind, while the angry driver hits her horn.  All within a few seconds. I have traveled from the accepting accommodating child of God to this insane person who, if she could, would arrest the offending driver, toss him in jail and throw away the key.  Admittedly those incidents are not as frequent as they used to be, but occasionally I have them. I have ascribed their infrequency, either to the greater level of intelligence of the folks who use the roads when I do, or to a more acceptance stance on my part. Seriously, I know that there is more acceptances in me now than even a year ago, and with continued striving this acceptance will continue to grow until I can indeed accept all of it, whatever it may be, as apart of myself. After-all it is all self created.

That is one clear example of the various level consciousness can travel within a moment. The goal is to attain, and maintain, a level of equilibrium within consciousness that actors on the stage of my life are accepted. Alas this is not always the case. More often than not I respond, and not always from the gracious areas within my consciousness. There is sometimes the urge to hit back when I believe I've been hit. Or to snide and snark and mutter under my breath about the parentage of whomever I suspected had offended me. Those are some of the levels I have observed my own consciousness to travel in the span of a heartbeat. 

The Teachings of metaphysics and New Thought have given tools to correct my level and maintain an even keel, even I as strive to go higher and deeper into my Inner Self for answers. This is a daily practice which must go on within every moment to bear fruit. Do I slip. Of course, but I have learned to forgive myself for every "sin" I have ascribed to my siblings and move on. This leave the energy to come to neutral and be purposed toward my further growth. 

Isn't Life Grand!