Friday, July 10, 2015

Postponement (Part 1) or Bye and Bye when the morning comes...

The song from my childhood grabbed hold of my memory and would not let go. It ran over and over like the scratch in an old vinyl record would; that repeating sound that would impel you to move the needle. I’d be in the kitchen hand full of soap, listening to the record player in the living room, when it would hit a scratch and repeat the same notes over and over for what seemed like an eternity before I could dry my hands and get to it to nudge it over a notch past the repeating notes. That’s how the song was, repeating and repeating, so I knew it wanted to say something more than the words were saying on the surface. I used to believe the story being retold by those lyrics. I no longer hold as true the teaching and yearning which informed the repeating song. Yet here I was singing it and swaying to its rhythms as I moved about the house. That song, a derelict from the past I’d thought I’d release so very long ago, was running and running through my mind.

I know how to change thoughts, replace the one with another more to my liking, more akin to what I believe now. Heck, I even taught classes on how to change perennial thinking. I chose not to do that with this song. Its tenets are the polar opposite of my growing belief in soul responsibility. I have come to a place where I know that knowledge is available and there is never a need to postpone for an instant what can be done now. What was the song asking me to examine and grow through? I’ll get to the bottom of this at once.

The first line from the repeating song is: “Bye and bye when the morning comes…” The morning has come! Now is the dawn of the brand new day the song was anticipating when I sang it in church in my youth. The morning is here with a day so bright all the sleepers are awakening from their age’s long slumber. For this glorious dawn human kind has worked, prayed, hoped and anticipated for eons. We are there now. That golden glow on the horizon is the long awaited dawn. While humanity slept the sun of love has been cresting the curves within our collective and individual consciousness and it is here. The rays, so full of love, cover us with warmth we’ve not experienced before. Yes, yes indeed, the morning is, and there is no need for the hope of a bye and bye. We are here in the morning’s bright and enlivening light.