Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Awakening

One thought which keeps coming up and which seems needful to explore at this time, as so many of us are aware of it in one way or another. It is the matter of the incoming spiritual awakening that is happening all over the planet at this time. This great awakening is being experienced as many and varied activities and feelings. Some of these feelings may not seem spiritual at all in their outward manifesta­tion. But every church, mosque, synagogue, temple and meeting hall is reporting increasing numbers of new people coming to their gatherings and asking for answers. Books on spiritual experiences and angels are topping the best sellers list, and unabashedly people are turning to within themselves by whatever means they find comfortable to satisfy this urge to transcend where they are now. 

 In The Teachings this time in our experience is said to be the second coming of the Christ. There are factions who believe that this second coming is the return of Jesus of Nazareth on a cloud to judge the 'quick and the dead'. In the more esoteric Teachings it is known to be the time when more humans awaken to the indwelling spirit within themselves and turn to that spirit to be the guiding force in the manner in which they conduct life. 

I ascribe to the second premise. I see the manifestation of the awakening of billions of humans to the spiritual life as the fulfilling of the hope that every tribe and tongue have of a "coming one." This coming one is called by many names depending again upon the acculturation of those hoping for the advent. The work that I do, both on the inner planes and on the outer plane, is purposed toward the fostering of this great awakening. 

To be awake is to know that we are more than the bodies we wear, the thoughts we have, or the roles we play everyday. We are, indeed, children of a most holy and complete God. That God is now calling us to come out of the dark and into the light of Its love. This wandering we have been doing for eons now, has been a lot of fun. We tend to think that it is the way life is, and hang on to every part of it in a most personal manner. But the true life awaits our awakening to behold the magnificence of who we are. We are going to be surprised.  I suspect that even those of us who are consciously working toward this day are in for a big surprise. I have this feeling that we do not know, within our third dimensional consciousness, what this grand awakening will be like. Even the glimpses we get in our more sublime moments are mere shadows of the real thing.

Let us march on to our grand Awakening!