Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Chosen Few (Part 2)

Peace, which is really a side kick of joy, is present in the lives of the chosen in vast amounts, attesting to being among the chosen.  Religion agrees that to be chosen one of the traits exhibited is that of peacefulness. It does not mean that a chosen one may not have disturbing moments and even entire days, but the overriding experience is one of peacefulness.  For this reason alone it is profitable to be among the chosen. This is proving to be a very frantic world, one in which people run to and fro seeking every imaginable experience; thus to be in a state of peacefulness amid all the furor in the world today is a very attractive feature to have at this time. Although joy, peace, and an attitude of allowing are among the more obvious traits displayed by those who choose to be chosen, they are by no means the only ones. The absence of any or all of them may not be taken to mean one is not among the chosen.  By and large, we, at this stage of our spiritual development do not have all the information to judge, even ourselves as to being among the chosen. The way of prudence is to keep on whatever path brings the most desired experience and keep seeking.

The next question is at least as intriguing as the first, and offers vistas where one may rush in without being accused of being silly. It was who is doing this choosing in the first place?  This choosing is being done by the chosen themselves. But to be chosen implies that someone outside of yourself must choose you, rather like a stick ball game, where sides are chosen. This chosen, with which we are here concerned, is not really about sides, as that implies good and evil, better and worse and that sort of thing. Rather, it is about states of awareness, the vastness of life, and our participation in that life.  What this chosen few have in common is an overwhelming desire for a life of balance. Basically that is what being chosen means, one chooses to strive for a life of balance and harmony. Such a life includes all that is known of life at this point, the physical, emotional, mental, and the spiritual and works to blend all aspects into a cohesion that reeks of harmony and love.

The urge to be more is present in all of us. Sometimes that urge is confusing as there are so many voices clamoring for our attention, each promising that more if we heed it.  That urge to be more sends us to higher education, better jobs, larger homes, several mates, more expensive clothes, the list is endless, as more represents different things to everyone. That this urge is universal implies that it is the spirit within that is urging us to be more. That this urge may produce all the effects listed above and not feel satisfied, suggests this urge may not be satisfied by anything material. The chosen have recognized this and are moving in a direction that will satisfy this urge and widen experience in areas not yet known. And they know that is what they are choosing.

The question of why some folks are left out of the chosen few answered itself along the way.  In that is seen that to be chosen, one must actively seek to be chosen. There is not a cosmic somebody up or out there picking out godly people and saying, yes you fit, you are among the chosen. The call is issued from the spirit which animates every human being on the planet. Whether that call is heard as an urge to find a religion, move to the country and commune with nature, or merely to give up an addiction, that call is issued.  It is issued to everyone, and those who hear are those who take the time to listen to the inside of themselves. This is not always easy to do, as the trendy thing to do is to listen to someone else, or something else. The bible speaks of the still small voice which speaks after the earthquake and thunder has subsided. That voice is still speaking and just as softly as ever. To hear one must listen.  There is a force within everyone that is urging toward a life of greater balance. A quote from an affirmation that used to be said every Sunday describes it best for me. "I am in stride with the Upper, Progressive Movement of Life..."   That force I choose to call God, and that force is forever calling.  The bible states, that the creator Itself stands at the heart's door and knocks, and if we hear Its voice we may have communion with God Itself.  That's one of the ways to know that one is among the chosen.