Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life after Death

I am utterly convinced that there is no death, that life continues unabated and undiminished even after a human has been pronounced ‘dead’ and buried or burned. What makes me so sure? I personally have spoken to those who have gone on. We use the words ‘passed away’ when referring to those who have made the change from living in a body to living somewhere else. That is because we refuse to see the immortal being living inside ourselves. 

The first plank in my abiding faith in the continuity of life is my stepfather. My step dad laid his body down in 1985; he had lived 89 years in his body. A few months after his passing, he started coming to me with conversation about his condition. His first message to me was how happy he was with the ritual I had employed by sending Light to him and the others who was there with him. Several years after my mother joined him; he visited one evening and told me that a family friend was over there with them. Weeks later I was speaking with my brother and he told me that the beloved family had died. I said “I know.”  He asked me who told me, as I was not in touch with any of the people from the old neighborhood.  Casually as though everyone knew this I told him our stepfather told me. He thought then and now that I was involved in witchcraft.

My second plank is in the many books told by those who have had Near Death Experiences. One such person I know personally and even call friend. She is Jan Price co-founder of The Quartus Foundation in Texas. I met Jan in 1987 at a Gathering sponsored by the Foundation to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence. In 1996 Jan published her book The Other Side of Death about her own near death experience. Because I had known her for more than 10 years, I trusted her experience and knew that her book spoke the truth.

The final plank in my abiding faith in the absence of real death was laid down recently. It came with the passing of Steve Jobs and from the eulogy given by his sister. In it she recounted the final words of this great man. She said his final six words were “Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow.” As I read those words in the eulogy, I knew that Mr. Jobs had seen where he was going and been blown away by what he saw. Now from stories about his life, we know that he was a man obsessed with beauty. For him to have such a reaction where he was going must have been overwhelmingly beautiful. 

So there you have it. I do not believe we ever die, but constantly change. What we call death is but a door into a larger room of expression where we are freed from the limits of being in a physical body. The being that lives within the confines of our bodies is unlimited and death only reveals the potential that all of us possess.