Monday, August 10, 2015

Little Assignations

The Spring and Summer of 2015 is filled with strange meetings with deadly consequences. The mounting amount of deaths that we think should not have happened is of note. It got me to thinking what is this all about.

It is my belief that we come into incarnation with a purpose. In order to fulfill that purpose, we need actors in our lives to help us along the way. Some of these actors are mere bit players, some are co-stars and some are supporting cast. We arrange for all of them to be in our lives and they show up often outwardly unbidden. The Teachings explain how we arrange for all our major and minor encounters during any given incarnation before being born. This is my belief, and as I watch the events within my own experience, it rings ever more true.

Sometimes I forget that it is all about me. My evolution and expansion is the reason all the actors are within my experience. No, this is not megalomania! It is true of everyone. People and events show up in our experience to provide the mirror for us to see where we need to expand our awareness. We invited them. No matter how ugly or beautiful the experience is, we called it in for our souls' sake. The trick to our expansion into our Greatest Self is to acknowledge we staged the encounter and see where we need to expand.

Let us meet our assignations with joy, knowing they are all very valid!