Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Sacred Journey

Dunn's River Falls Jamaica

Today I am constrained to write about the sacredness of the path I am walking. It started out innocuously enough, many years ago, with the reading of spiritual texts and gradually became the life I live every day. There are moments when I stray from the light emanating from within my soul and wander in the darkness of forgetfulness for a season. There are times when I get so enmeshed within the illusion that I think I am the body I wear and the various labels I assume. But the call always comes from my soul to get up and move once more into the consciousness that I am spirit, connected with all of life everywhere.  

In the beginning of this conscious journey the times of straying were more frequent and the sojourn in places darkened by ignorance and feelings of separation lasted longer than they do now. The sacredness of the journey was always waiting for me to remember the truth of who I am and to invite me to choose again. The essence of the journey is the daily choices I make to be whole, thereby being holy or to abstain from wholeness and feel separated and alone. 

This sacred journey has been called many names, none of which is important as they merely describe what is being done within the soul. As I look within my soul, I see there an innocence that is so pure it needs no validation. Yet it is very human to look on the acts I commit in the dark as causing a stain on my soul.  I am grateful for the knowledge that what is done in the earth sleep has no real impact on who I am. What I do does not change the truth that the Creator loves me without the slightest condition. Our Great Creator desires only to show me, in ways great and small, how the knowledge of this love can be shared with my fellow kind here on this planet. This I must learn, as it is the very key to unlock the potential laying within my soul.   

That potential is only sensed at this time, and small glimpses are to be had along the way.  The word sacred in its simplest form means dedicated, to be set aside for a specific purpose. That purpose has been loosely translated to mean to the glory of God. How that glory is expressed has been rather vague and has become a catch all for all good deeds perform toward our fellow kind.  But God is not sitting around waiting for me to honor It to be honored, nor does God punish me when I fail to honor the God spark within my soul and wander in darkness. 

 Instead God has craftily hidden Its Godness within me. As I search and find the sparks of light that brings life to my being, I find myself glorified, and in that finding God is also glorified. God and I are one.  I am a finite aspect of Infinite Being! There are no actions, words, life style, or religion that can change the truth of that statement. What God has joined together with Itself is forever sacred and whole. Nothing extant can separate me from God.  I must remember that always.

The sacred journey home to Love is one all of humanity is taking. Making it personal helps me to understand that I am not alone in this process, nor is the call to travel within the Self only issued to the few. All are hearing, feeling, sensing something within themselves, a stirring that will not be quenched with things. There are those who dull the call they are hearing with various substances or interactions. The feeling of intensity is so strong, they suspect it will overwhelm them and leave then annihilated as an individual being.  We are being called to enter the realms of Love. The brushes and paint to define our individuality so starkly that we are silhouetted against the greatest light there is are held there. We are then empowered to reflect and refract to light up the world. That is how we truly become the Light of the World.

This does not take rituals and ceremonies, although for some it may well include those.  What it takes is a willingness to listen and act upon what is heard from within ourselves. With the knowing that there will be mis-steps, and some meanderings in darkness, my steps into the light bring the purest joy to my being I can experience at this juncture. And I am convinced that I have merely skirted the outer edges of this great and wonderful joy which so animates my being.

Songs are one of the outlets I use at this time.