Friday, August 14, 2015

Walking in Sacredness

A theme which keep surfacing for me, and from time would arrest my attention altogether, concerns Our Scared Walk. It started out with the question 'was I prepared to walk in sacredness'? The affirmative answer led to a follow-up question, 'was I willing to walk in sacredness'?  The obvious answer to that question was also yes. Over time the question has taken on a life of its own, and the answer not quite as blithe as before.  What I am coming to understand is that walking in scared means that I must own all my stuff, clean up what is less than Divine and move into a space of total acceptance of myself, my world, my God, my destiny, my past, my present, my inconsisten­cies and my intentions.  

That last one has been more difficult that I had imagined. I am very good about allowing myself to get away with anything. But when I pause to think about my intentions, which are the only truth within every action, I cringe. The waters holding my intention can be very murky indeed. Stemming from my effort to be as impeccable as I understand impeccability, came the next question, which I believe is the crux of the whole walking in sacredness issue. This question caught me by surprise and was veiled in yet another question. The first, or camouflage question, 'was what was I willing to let go to be transformed'?  This question hid the inner question of 'what did I think was so important that it had to be taken into the transformation with me'?  

The transformation is a state of consciousness where thoughts are direct translations from the Living Creator of the Universe. It is a place within the whole where awareness of the plan of Creation is commonplace. All the actors are perform the Will of God. With my intellect I say, I am willing to enter into the transformation, post haste, and leave everything behind. Then reality hits! I think of something that would be valuable to the transformation, not that I couldn't live without it, but that it would serve the kingdom. Impeccability and total honesty are identical terms in this case. What I mean is there are many and varied people, preferences, attitudes, a certain ring, frame of references, mind sets, earrings and shoes, I would like to take into the transformation with me. 

The three questions  are these: (a) am I prepared to walk in sacredness; (b) am I willing to walk in sacredness; and (c) what do I want to take into the transformation?  If the answers to (a) and (b) are yes and yes, then the answer to (c) must nothing. I brought nothing into this current transformation, which I call being human, except what was created into Spirit, which is everything. Therefore I can take nothing into the next transfor­mation, which I call full Humanhood, expect what the spirit has created. What the spirit has created I call the soul. The soul is the only entity which can move into the next phase of the transformation. It is all becoming clear to me now. The soul has all the Spirit needs to make it into this transformation.  All I need to do is lay aside the baggage, the I must do, the I must not do, the definitions of who I am now, and allow the Spirit within my soul to shape what that transformation will look like. 

That is the major problem. Because models for a human being transformed into full Humanhood are so very rare. The truth is there has been only one this dispensation. It is therefore very difficult to define what that will be like. It would ease, some of the tension about this, if I could revert to the streets of gold, angels with harps and milk and honey kind of understanding. Alas, there is too much metaphys­ics in me for that to happen. So I sit around, literally, thinking of what have to go, and what can be trans­formed.  Sometimes, it is a game I play with me.  Perhaps I'll take a few candles, what if an altar is needed on the other side.  Then again what about a really good book. What if I have to wait in line like at the bank, I could get that last book in while waiting. What about my preferences, am I attached to those?  Then it becomes serious and I inwardly surrender to the Holy Self with the knowing that the answers, and the way, are within me, and the Holy Self will draw out for my knowing what I need to know when I need to know it.

So, I make daily the effort to walk in Sacredness.