Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Small Prayer

Father, I thank you for the call to come within. I thank you for the light by which to see any darkness lurking within my psyche. I know that when I am ready, able teachers appear  to cause me to remember that as I am, I am acceptable in the kingdom of the heavens.  I am grateful that I do not need to change or become better, more accepting, more loving, more gentle, more of anything to enter the kingdom.  At this moment the kingdom is within me, calling me to enter and know that I am the pure child of a Universe of Love.   

Mother, I thank you for the loving hand that is support­ing me now as I turn within to the sacred lighted place of love within my soul and there experience the peace that was always there.  

 Loving Holy Spirit, to you I give thanks for the gently prods that has brought me to this place. As I look within I am enlivened by the Light, and made aware of the nobility of my heritage as a child of Love.  I accept me in the truth of this knowing, and rest serenely in the enfolding arms of your everlasting grace.