Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I think about religion and how each little enclave within religion has its own theology, which is mostly dogma, and how competitive some churches are. Then why do I go, if so many distasteful behaviors are exhibited within the confines of churches and among their people. Why?  

Church gives me the opportunity to be with people who more or less hold the same belief system as I do. At least the church which I attend does. However they are not exempt from the same maladies that have plagued the church since its inception. Corporately, the church has been of great benefit to mankind. It has also inflicted great devastation to cultures, and peoples. The holy wars, an oxymoron, that it has been fought will forever abound to its shame. But as I release the past in order to embrace this moment, I must also release the follies committed in the name of a righteous God. 

From The Teachings, I am given to understand, there are many levels of consciousness. All these levels must act out what they are. Be acting out they provide mirrors for us to see the contents of our own consciousness.  Often, we are so mired in the ego that we hardly see the situations we are in as mirrors of our consciousness. Instead, we see them as acts designed to make us uncomfortable. The church is no different. When church leaders proclaim others to be dammed, and condemn whole segments of people to an eternity of suffering and darkness, they are speaking with the power given them by their followers, and from the collective consciousness of all present.
There may be degrees within the entire body of believers; but by and large, those following the various religions are of like mind with the dogmas and teachings of their particular religion.  When their consciousness change they find other methods of worship.  The level of consciousness may sound to a good metaphysician as that of belonging to a victim, but it is my belief that God is capable of meeting people anywhere they are in their consciousness.  Although, I may disagree with the theology of some of the more fundamentalist of the churches, I must learn to accept them as being a part of me.  

 As I grow and take on more of the divine light which lives in everyone, I am afforded the opportunity to see more, and therefore the entire whole is enlight­ened to some degree by my individual expansion.