Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Good Things Happen to All People

I have lived in this body for seventy-one years and a couple of months as of this writing. By the time you read this it will be longer. This small piece of information is an introduction to the purpose of these prose. I remember the day I came in and breathed the air of earth for the first time. It was early in the morning, and the day was cool for a tropical island, the land of wood and water, Jamaica. My mother was a beautiful ebony woman with long legs, which I inherited, and low self esteem. This too I inherited, but was able to work through it during the years I have been here on earth. Truth is I am still working through it.

To the predicate for my current spate of joy and triumph, I must relate to you some of the varying experiences which caused me to know that assertion of the title is always true, and will continue to be true. In spite of all the news of dire events happening on our beautiful globe “good things happen to all people.” The hitch being, sometimes the experience is not always seen as good.

I’d like to begin with the day I started to forget. I must have been about two or three years old, when the connection begun to sever. Up to that day I was sure of who I was and where I’d come form. Drifting peacefully with most of the part of self  I’d be using during my stay here on earth. I experienced the laughter, love, hugs, the hunger pains, the smelly nappies and most of all my mother’s touch. All while knowing my larger connection. I thought this state would go on forever. I would not have it any other way.

But the change had to come. I realized that I was splitting into two focuses. The one who had the clear memory of Home, and the one who was experiencing the hugs and kisses of the bodies around me. The earth bound one was falling asleep and descending at a rapid pace into the body human I am.

The amnesia was almost immediate and the desire not to wake the sleeping portion of me was strong. At all cost I/she must to stay asleep. If I/she did not, then the me I know today would cease to be. This earthly me would return home the instant I/she awoken; and then what? The earth bound me could not remember what that home was like. The amnesia was complete.

Staying asleep allowed this me, living in this body to have the grand and wonderful experiences I’ve had these short seventy-one years. I’m glad we worked it out and I/she stayed asleep for a while. But I/she has been gradually waking up and integrating our consciousness ever so slowly. I am grateful!

Wake up sleepy heads, its time to go home where good things always happen.